Hyun bin denied sohn ye jin relationship, let me

Hyun bin denied sohn ye jin relationship, let me see the head unit holding hands

Recently hit a destructive hyunbin and lovely day in memory of the

alhambra.Actually the beginning is the can is

great to see, but always live in the memory of fierce

back and forth a few lens, can is a smile face.However, give play to chase down, screenwriter imagi

nation is enough big, lovely day also is very beautiful, finally had to sigh, hyun

bin, really how can have so handsome?

21 afternoon, hyun bin belongs SheFa denied with sohn ye jin is in love, said two people r

eally is met in the United States, because there is friendship, so in the meal

together, but love is not true, is with

familiar people, probably because of the two is so famous to upload photos.But

previously, hyun bin and sohn

ye jin was photographed in the supermarket shopping together, triggered a heated discussion.

To this explanation, netizens obviously is not, and they are fun, see you get marri

ed.And out of the original song hye-kyo

and song joong ki denied travel thing, and they that “we are not in a relati

onship, we are going to get married”.In short, it looks like everyone is waiting for marriage.

Speaking, hyun bin is a 36-year-old, Obama by handsome face when young attractive, mi

ddle-aged, temperament became a powerful weapons, deserve to go up is composed of face, a play has beco

me the focus of attention.Before and Qiao Mei spread gossip, but now Qiao Mei

married song joong ki, happiness, hyun bin still single one.

And sohn ye jin is the same age as hyun bin QinGu, male god goddess, unavoidably cause users to guess and doubt

.However, goodwill and ridicule are, say out everyone would laugh it off, but there

are always some atrocious hostile

rhetoric.You said the somebody else is double, is there any evidence, again say 9102, even if somebody else is, the som

ebody else’s personal life and you have to do.As eat melon masses, also want to eat

the melon has a moral right.

From the side, two people belonging to a comp

any is also a pr is very rapid, declare things quickly, don’t procrastination.Is in place to protect actor’s

public opinion guide, even if the last two people really together, it was officially announced that also is very good.

Again, two people perfect match, also with very, suitable age, experience

suitable, also showed why net friends for two pe

ople, so a group of people to move around a small wooden bench, waiting to see the

follow-up.But, words are so said, lookin

g at is build, the net friend is not the sense is too strong to say what too fierce.Just hold the eye of appreciation and

blessing, even if two people not together also want to wish them to find their own happiness.


He is the first drop of blood, the producers of the term

  Schwarzenegger in personal social post mourning Andy Vajna, believe a lot of frie

nds to see the name of the time don’t know who is Andy Vajna, but if talking about “first blood” and “term

inator” movie will be scrambling to speak, in fact, Andy Vajna are the two producers, unfortunately Andy Vajna died

a few days ago, so Mr Schwarzenegger said mourning said some what?

  Schwarzenegger post mourning Andy Vajna

  Read “first blood” series and “terminator” series of movies, will sincerely opinions, was shocked, and soft unfinis

hed, also want to continue to see the sequel to the series, and the producers of two series of Andy Vajna died,

aged 74, this news is really sad.As for Andy Vajna death is yet to be announced, but it is understood he is chro

nic patients, and cooperate for many times with Andy Vajna movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger in a social network dispa

tch mourning, said: “he proved not must has the support of large companies can make masterpiece, miss forever!”

  The Hungarian producer Andy Vajna

  It is understood that the Hungarian producer Andy Vajna is famous in the world

, he is one of the most famous producer in the world.As a producer, a total of 59 film is associated with his name,

including the familiar “first blood” series and “terminator” series, still have “total recall”, “special police judge”, “Eva peron

“, “die hard 3”, and so on.In addition, Andy Vajna helped Hungarian prime minister orban, victor to revive the dome

stic film industry, victor also mourn him on social media, says he is Hungary’s greatest filmmakers.


An arrow four-star!Long March 11 with six six games

IT’s home news on January 21 According to CCTV news, 42 points on 21 January 13, the

long March 11 away six rocket blasted off at the jiuquan satellite launch center,

success will be 4 satellite into orbit.

Long march rocket 11 is by the China aerospace science and technology group co., LT

D belongs to China academy of launch vehicle technology (one) space of the new

type 4 class full of solid rocket, is China

‘s long march rockets family type 1 solid rocket.The rocket is mainly used for rapid

mobile emergency satellite, meet emerg

ency situations such as natural disasters, emergencies micro satellite launch requirements.

Long March 11 rocket can overall storage, simple operation, low cost, short launch cycle, ca

n 24 hours rapid launch, it is the biggest advantage of the “fast, convenient and

flexible”, which can realize the satellite

fast networking and mending their nets, and the launcher is said to be bound up

with dongfeng 41 missile launchers.

The launch of the satellite consists of two main and two carry small satellites, including

two main is “number one” jilin spectrum 01, 02, mainly for the forestry system and

Marine remote sensing data and provide products and services.


The lakers coach Luke Walton picked up two te

  Although the lakers lost the game, the coach had been rejected, Bauer broke, but

in the process to see the lakers still played we

ll today, long look at Wharton ousted estimates the in the

mind should be able to think of the time to prove my ability

in the regular season with the lakers and rockets game, lakers coach Walton

expelled by the referee in appea

rance, but the lens to the rondo coach on the bench, oh no!Is accused of WeiLong.

  The lakers’ game against the rockets

  Came up in the game the lakers showed the advant

age of fast counter-attack, is to play faster to defeat your defens

e, at the same time also has huge advantage on the b

oards, and the rockets this side is three points to sparkle in the first h

alf, even at 20 points behind, but in the second half of Bauer

injuries and the lakers made many mistakes to win the rocke

ts take the opportunity to finally por reversal, the game of Wharton because of dissatisfaction with the refere

e just called a penalty was ejected, lens to rondo, I think this scene we as fans

should be very clear what that means!

  Rondo guidance see Walton expulsion of inner no waves

  Because rondo injury has been sitting there suits to command, sometimes Luke

Walton in the following row tactics when rondo

could also said a lot, but the players are willing to listen to your rondo said, the lakers even James is not except

ional also, in the game after Walton was banished, the lens is also give to rondo,

and rondo in the face of this situatio

n is not panic, no interrupting, because Luke Walton and said he had a agreement

before you can take part in the discuss

ion, but can’t talk, Walton played right after the team’s guidance naturally fall to

the hands of assistant coach Brian shaw.

  So or assistant coach in tactics

  After Walton was banished or assistant coach to

help the team opine, rondo is most beside give some opinions, estima

tes that rondo is also very uncomfortable, after all as a player can’t play, as a guide

for aspiring “coaches” and

cannot be teammates rondo is also very afflictive!I think rondo lakers sign is quite good

, cheap real benefit, keep up on the court, said what players to listen to, the coach said he also can supplement.


Member of Chinese academy of sciences and famous

  Member of Chinese academy of sciences Liang Jingkui.Data figure

  The communist party of China, member of Chinese academy of sciences, famous physical chemist, a researcher at the Ch

inese academy of sciences institute of physics Liang Jingkui comrade, on January 19, 2019, cure is invalid due to illness, died in Beijing at the age of 87.

  Comrade Liang Jingkui was born on April 28, 1931, fuzhou, fujian province, on June 6, 1954 to join the communist party

of China, in July 1955, graduated from the department of xiamen university, in February 1960 the Soviet acade

my of sciences, technical sciences degree in science.After returning from work in the institute of physics, Chinese acad

emy of sciences, and former director of the institute of Chinese academy of sciences, fujian material struct

ure.Member of the 1993 was elected to the division of the Chinese academy of sciences).

  Comrade Liang Jingkui long-term in structural chemistry, materials science and

solid state physics cross frontier engaged in basic and applied basic res

earch, developed the first nuclear test temperature measuring device, the polycry

stalline structure of X ray diffraction analysis and determination of phase d

iagram has made a lot of innovative achievements, and successfully applied to explore new material

, is the main founder in this field in our country.Won a major science and technology

result of Chinese academy of sciences, He Liang; hori fund progress prize in science and technology, etc.


Latest rankings: NBA rockets end straight out of the

On January 6, 2019, the NBA regular season continued, today, a total of eight

games, the Denver nuggets 123-110 the horne

ts, the jazz 110-105 win over the piston, 76, 106-100 win over the lone ranger,

pelican, 133-98 victory over the knig

ht, raptors 123-116 win over the bucks, the SAN Antonio spurs 108-88 victory over

the Memphis grizzlies, the Por

tland trail blazers 110-101 rockets, warriors 127-123 win over the Sacramento Kings.

In the west side, the rockets 101-110 loss to Portland, put an end to their six ga

mes, they fall from the fourth to fifth ranked the clippers are rising to 4, the nugg

ets win over the hornets now ranks the first in the west and continue to widen

with the thunder.Warriors narr

owly beat the king to 26-14 ranked third in the west and overtook the thunder

came in second, the thunder to 25-1

3 came in second.The spurs after the victory over the Memphis grizzlies are

sixth in the west, the recent rapid adva

nces the spurs game 5-1 recently, continue to impact towards the top five, the b

lazers won the rocket currently ranked seventh, the lakers now in eighth place.

On the eastern side the raptors narrowly beat the bucks, currently ranked second

place in the east, tightly chasing the row in th

e first deer, now only 0.5 between the two teams, the fight for the top east is still

intense.Third remains unchanged is the

pacers, 76 narrow victory after the lone ranger is currently ranked fourth,

continue to expand the gap with the celt

ics, ranked no. 5 in the current celtics, but 76 people two games behind the celt

ics is poor, the heat with 19-18 was ranked sixth, the hornets fell to eighth after loss

to Denver, the nets had risen to 7.

Rocket currently ranked fifth in the west and rank

ing is very dangerous, but they differ with the blazers in 7, a game can decide the

change of the rankings, trium

phantly tightly chasing the rockets now the spurs in the sixth.Rocket start in

January 1-1 record, but the opening two games

are played,Now and then there were two tough games, was followed by the Denver

nuggets and the bucks, one is the fir

st in the west and the other one is the first in the east.So current situation is very

grim, seemingly can’t rank, but the latter two field are losing a great influ

ence on rankings, Gordon was injured in the next two games can return to also

don’t know, the rockets can get through

this depends on how to adjust the team, as well as can harden to super god, together we wait and see!


Concentrate on preparing for the Olympic feather

  On January 19, zhejiang energy team player Zheng Siwei (left)/Zhou Haodong in the game.The xinhua news agency Yi-bo li perturbation

  China badminton association secretary general wang wei said Wednesday, preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olym

pic Games, China badminton club super league next season plans to close a year.

  19, came to the ninth season of feather sup

er league in baoji, shaanxi, zhejiang energy 3-2 defeat Qingdao RenZhou, feather super champion for the first time.

  In baoji gymnasium, wang wei, said in an interview: “(feather super close) before the

re is a precedent.Now the national team (for) the Olympic difficult task, countries (regions) attaches great importanc

e to badminton, China isn’t as big as before the advantage.In the national team committee to discuss, after comprehe

nsive consideration, the decision, in order to better guarantee the national team for the Tokyo Olympic Games.”

  On January 19, hunan He Jiting varley tea

m player/Wei Yaxin (right) in the mixed doubles.The xinhua news agency Yi-bo li perturbation

  Wang wei also said: “in (Tokyo) after the Olympic Games, will please all aspects of

experts to discuss how to put the feather super league even better.Now the world badminton game much more special, e

ach must take part in the game reached more than 17 station, it is difficult to adjust the training time.If again to p

lay league, (international) the players didn’t even have time to adjust state, restore injury.”

  Feather super league this season was launched on December 4, 2018, a total of eight team

s after 14 rounds of binary mixed race group match, at the end of January 10, 2019 regular season, the top four xiam

en RenZhou room, hunan varley, Qingdao, zhejiang energy team into the semi-finals.

  ”Semi-finalist four teams level is very close to the regular season first xiamen room and seco

nd it-had south China are final, that game format, scoring methods, staffing is very average.”Wang wei said.


40, jay Chou “small public election” people don’t collaps

  January 18 is jay’s birthday, the big boy accompany you have youth 40 years old this year!

  Friend liu geng hong, fan brother chun-kai wang is the first time on the blessings, fan

s are happy birthday to jay, thank him to accompany you with so many songs over the years.

  Since 2000, with the same name “Jay” official debut album, Jay Chou in the in t

he mind has been cool, drag drag, as time goes by, also gradually exposed the “small publ

ic election” side, lovely, naive and tsundere, spoil everyone said he was “very smelly fart”.

  The drag and tsundere set until now has never collapse.Recent j

ay not bask in Florence travel photos, after a lot of fans see idol to punch as a souvenir photo.

  Birthday, jay updated the individual social networking platform ins story, fans of the load of screenshots.

  It turned out to be the pictures of the fans in the imitation of Chou, jay Chou also very smelly

fart with his fans in the same place imitate him taking pictures, but they don’t know I was upstairs!


The launch missile defence review, plans to deploy new

  The President of the United States said trump, the U.S. plans to deploy new land-based missile interceptor platform in Alaska

.Trump, points out that these platforms will be based on the research and development of new technology, to fight off any incoming missiles.

  The U.S. defense department released a missile defence review, 17 acc

ording to the Russian satellite news agency reported, trump 17 in Washing

ton, said: “in the report suggest that deployed in Alaska 20 new land-based missile interceptor platform.”

  The ground-based interceptor (GBI).

  In addition, also said trump, sell Allies that the U.

S. missile defense system and related technology is one of the pentagon’s priority.

  17, xinhua news agency reported missile defense assessment is the update missile defen

se policy for the first time since 2010.The 108 – page report written by the department of defense missile defense age

ncy, the United States and its Allies are expatiated the current missile threat, the U.S. missile defense ability present si

tuation and future construction and technology research and development direction, etc.

  The report recommends that: to study the promotion existing ground-based midcou

rse defense system, and using short-range interceptor missiles to destroy the possibility of intercontinental missile;Res

earch and development use carry laser weapon of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), the F – 35 fighter track and destroy the

boost phase missile technology;Assessment of missile in space probe and the feasibility of interceptors.

  The President of the United States on the day of the trump to attend at the pentagon rep

ort said the launch, the United States is committed to build to protect U.S.

missile defense system of every city.In addition, he also mentioned the establishment “air force” of the targe

t, and the opportunity to put pressure on other NATO member states on military issues.

  The missile defense assessment report originally scheduled for release last year, but was delayed several times.It is understo

od that the implementation of some Suggestions in the report subject to congressional appropriations.


Russian two Sue – 34 aircraft due to sideswipe crash

Beijing, Jan. 18 (xinhua) Russian satellite network reported, local time, on the 18th, the Russian defense

ministry said the two Sue – 34 bombers in the far east for a sideswipe crash, the crew of the two planes are ejection escape.

Have source had said, the Russian far east disappeared fro

m radar on a su – 34 bombers, disappeared from radar Sue – 34 crew should have ejection escape.

According to the source, “the far east disappeared from radar on a su – 34.Next to another plane to see after the ejection parachutes open.”

News that presumably a Sue – 34 aircraft crashed into khabarovsk tatar strait between the frontier and sakhalin.

At present, the incident case is under investigation.

The original title: Russian two Sue – 34 aircraft due to sideswipe crash occurred The unit ejection escape